Indicators not working


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Jun 16, 2016
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Hi Guys.I need your help urgently.
Suddenly my indicators stopped working.
My hazzards work perfect.The ticking sound is there.My indicators just does nothing no sound,nothing completely dead.

I heard some sound coming from under my dashboard before it stopped working.Im not sure if that is linked to my problem..

Is this a possible easy fix..I dont fancy paying someone if its something i can do myself

I will be very grateful if you someone can help me out

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Could the indicator arm itself be broken if the hazards work ?
Im not sure.I dont want to start buying parts only to find out its something else.Im clueless mate

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The stalk most likely. Mine did this and the stalk was faulty. Drove me crazy for months!
Is it difficult to take off

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I wouldn't think so Not done it on my Audi tho have done it on my vectra few years ago took about 10-20 mins I'd imagine it's the same unscrew casing and the arm will just screw off