Indicators not working properly

Might be better off asking on the 8P forum as someone is more likely to have had experience of changing this

Hi Phil74 I have the exact same issue with my car as you do just wondering did putting in a new hazard light relay fix that issue for you ?!
Thanks Dave
@Davec88 What year is your car mate??

If its pre 2003, then the hazard light relay will usually sort the problem out for you.

If its after 2003, then you are better asking the question in the 8P section, as you will get more car specific answers in there.
Above is correct indicator relay is not on the hazard switch on my car .On going issue untill I find a fix. Audi suggested a new unit including both stalks over £300 and still might not be the problem.
Hi. Did you ever get this issues sorted? A friend has a seemingly identical problem. What was the cure?
Many thanks in advance!
New indicator stalk . Fixed
Not cheap mind