In-situ battery charging question


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From time to time I would like to trickle-charge the A3 battery. Is it OK to do this by just simply connecting the mains charger (+ to + of course)? I have heard several opinions on this, and some people say that one must remove the battery from the car, or risk damaging the alternator (or something else).:ohmy: What would be the advice of members please? Thanks in advance.


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i use a trickle charge on my cars when there not in use
never had a problem

mike foster

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No problem trickle charging in-situ ! No damage will result.


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I used CTEK to all my cars and never had a problem.
Recently, I bought morel XS4003 and it works as advertised.
Look for a video about CTEK on youtube for a better understanding.
There is no need to disconnect the battery with CTEK and if anyone buys a CTEK model, I recommend the optional car cigarette adaptor.
With the adaptor there is no need to reach the battery. Just connect to the lighter receptacle. At least the S3 has live power with ignition off.