In case anyone is interested.....

Think his sig gives that away....

Correct, Audi S3's and 3 kids don't mix well!

Was thinking of an RS4 or new M3, but have decided to go half sensible, as well as high Co2 cars are tumbling and in time get a weekend toy - Thinking maybe 535D Sport or Audi A6 3.0Di Le Mans - pefectly fast enough for what I need, especially mapped........I am swinging towards the 535D at the moment as its more of a drivers car.
Theres a `practical` 4 door now..:w00t:

trouble is, and I have tried, you can't fit two baby seats and a booster on the back seat, due to the shape of the rear seat back
Will take £24k for it if anyone is interested??

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