In-car videos from this season's track days


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Been awhile since I last posted here, but what the heck, time to fix that :yes:

Had a boring Sunday yesterday as I had to find something to do to pass the time while the autums first storms were passing by. This meant that I finally had time to go through some of the in-car footage I've taken during various track days this season.

Here's a few clips from different tracks, all of them in Finland. Enjoy:
- from Ahvenisto, following an M Coupe
- from Alastaro, trying to keep up with an E46 M3
- from Motopark, just a regular lap

Cheers :happy:
Excellent footage Moogie! Nice driving and those are three superb tracks too.

How did you mount the camera in the back? Works very well.


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The camera was mounted like so. The arm in the picture is actually not mine, it was borrowed, and I bought my own later on. The clamp is Manfrotto SuperClamp, I highly recommend one :thumbsup:


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Hi Moogie, this is "3dr" from Fourtitude.

Watched the vids again for the umpteenth time: excellent stuff!