Impressive loan car - but only for mileage!


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Dropped my car off at local Audi/VW specialists to get front wishbones and shocks replaced, and I get their courtesy car for the day - an F-reg passat GT with 290,000 miles on it.
Goes pretty nicely once you get over the he-man powerless steering.
These engines must be ****** good to go that kind of distance.


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F reg would be... something like 1989?


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very impressive :O and shocking, must be damn good specialist to keep it going

was it a v6 diesel?
Are you talking about Autotechnik in Southampton? They had an ancient Passat a while ago as a loan car.


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It was not So'ton, no. It went quite well when you figured out what angle to hold the steering wheel.
Didn't have a problem doing 80 or 90 along a fast road either, just made some nasty squeaks and scrapes on corners...


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No suprises her really, we have two Passat TDi 115 Hp estates, both heading for 300k. They still do 100+ on the "closed road" section of the M6.

Also well impressive is, despite the fact that there are 30 people driving these cars, the interior is standing up brilliantly. No squeeks or bits fallen off. A credit to the manufacturer.

They get serviced regularly and the engine hasnt been apart yet either. Hope for a long term relationship with my TDi.. Top job VAG.


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I was Quite impressed With the loan car i got Last week.
'the bosses' '05 A6 3.2 fully loaded.
I didnt get chance to do too many miles but i it was impressive