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Hello Gents! Flushed my engine with Diesel today. Used a 50:50 (oil:diesel) ratio. Let her tick over for 15 mins with 2500rpm/idle intervals. Dumped the mixture, and a whole load of rubbish came out!! Now I do changes every 5k, but only had her for 10k and the previous owner('s) must have forgotton to do this. Filled her back up with some 5/40 fully synthetic started her up, and quite a few noises that were present before have gone! Very happy!
Would highly recommend this (my opinion only).

I have been on the phone all day, and havn't been able to obtain a part/tool number for the gearbox drain/refill plug. Its driving me crazy! Audi are not allowed to give it out (tried 7 dealerships..yeah I know I know should have given up after the second time....) and every other company either don't want to supply it or don't know???!!!!! Outrageous! So.....Does anyone know the tool/part number for this tool?? Found a VAG parts group that can supply VAG tools, but they need the number first! Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance fellas!


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is this not a 17mm hex?
if so use a wheel bolt (old one with some bar welded onto it works a charm for that kind of thing!)


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ive not done my gearbox oil yet, but i had a quick look. is the tool the same as the generic audi locking wheel nut tool?


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This help ?

transmission case
for 5 speed manual transmiss. / transmission case / DJJ,DJR,DJS,

4 012301127F sealing plug M24X1,5

18 N 10129201 round seal 34,5X2,65 /

19 01A301125A locking cover

20 N 0123042 securing ring 42X1,75 /



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Also, make sure the level plug will come out before you undo the drain!!!


Gents, your all legends! Thanks for the informative replies and the haste in which they were delivered. Huge thanks!



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Most good motor factors have them also, GSF or euro definately. I have my own non gen one to save me having to walk to the board.


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Mine came from gsf i think, if your still stuck monday i'll go across the road and ask for a number. Is it not the one in the ebay link?
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Hello mate, yeah guna get mine from the ebay link Aragorn kindly provided (cheers mate) .Thanks anyway though mate, appreciated!