for the history on this, see the "audi dealership woes" thread in the dealership discussion...basically i took my car to a dealership for a simple job and had £500 worth of work forced onto me when its proven it was not needed.

ok, update on my case: audi UK customer services have liased with the garage and agreed to refund the cost of the PARTS. NOT the labour involved in fitting the parts that should not have been fitted, or any kind of compensation for charging me £400 over the mark. Although they have admitted that the parts replaced were not faulty (they have examined them)

they will not budge on it. In my opinion this is simply NOT Good enough as what kind of repercussions do they see? to me this equates to stealign a TV from a shop, getting caught and giving it back making everything ok. Which is NOT the way the world works!

To this end i have decided to take the matter further and write to the director of the franchise owner regarding this case, but i need a list of stories to back me up...

What i am asking for, is for each and every person on this forum that has had a bad experience with Amersham Audi to write it down here, and PM me with their name and vehicle registration if possible so i can present this to the relevant people. I will not involve any of you any more than this, i promise - it is purely for circumstantial evidence.

Thankyou everybody in advance for your cooperation and help, im on a mission now and im not going to let this one drop.

and mods please it would be appreciated if you could make this a sticky...


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Make sure you put the following as the last line of the letter...

"I look forward to your response within 7 days"

It always works for me!

Also, give them a list of the people you are copying the letter to. Include your local Trading Standards and a couple of high profile car magazines such a Top Gear and What Car.
Sorry - nothing from Amersham Audi but plenty of stories of shame about Whites Audi (now Camberley Audi). See, they've even changed their name & moved address to try to run away - the shame!

My advice is keep up the pressure and go and see the dealer principle or one of the directors. A proper business meeting away from the sales floor. Following a face to face meeting with a director at Whites, I got my way in the end.


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Just get trading standards involved. If like you say they 'stole' money from you by putting in parts that didn't need replacing, they should refund you the full cost

ok, here is the story

they were extremely rude, and knew the car was needed urgently (i told them i didnt want the job done unless i could have the car back that day)

they then delayed the car so i couldnt have it back, just so they could fit parts to the car that i did not want fitted and did not need fitting. they told me, and i quote "we cannot let you have the car back without replacing these parts"

I then got a lift home with one of their drivers.

The next day i received a phone call, with a full cost of over £600, when i asked why the parts were fitted i was told she was only a receptionist and cannot answer those questions, i would need to ask the technical people when i got there.

However, they could not come to the phone and they could not send a driver to collect me until payment had been made.

i later found out that legally once ive paid for the work i have agreed to it, although i believe i may be able to get around this considering:

I was not given a choice whether or not i wanted to work done, and i was given no opportunity to dispute the work until after payment had been made.

That in my opinion is unfair trade, and is grounds for intimidation and harassment, because that is basically what they did!


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Sounds like you should get trading standards involved,
The dealer should be worried when trading standards becomes aware of their actions towards customers.


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yep give trading standards a call, you never know this time they might do something as it really does sound like the dealer has taken the /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/swear.gif in your case!