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John @ PB

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You may have noticed a small addition to our site recently Car Care Products | Detailing Products | Free UK Delivery on the left hand column, a clickable link to Feefo has appeared.

Feefo is an independently hosted feedback system. Essentially, the system emails all our customers and asks them to complete a feedback/satisfaction assessment based on their experiences with us.

Please do respond to the emails: whilst obviously we'd love all comments to be glowing and basically telling us how awesome we are, if there's something we can do better in terms of service and the shopping experience, we'd like to know.

We cannot filter or amend any comments so the feedback is completely impartial but we can respond to comments if necessary.

At the moment, we're pretty happy with the feedback we're getting!

Our Feefo page can be found here: Polished Bliss Reviews | FeeFo