iMac 27" Quad Core i7.....

The Slug

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....on its way! You beauty lol

Anyone else got one? Question....I saw awhile back a company were developing a device so that you could run the PS3 thru the displayport on this superb screen, has anyone had any experience and could recommend one?



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You'll love it, I would never go back to Windows. . Its got a lot of catching up to do before it can compete with Mac OS X!

Jealous as well as I've only got the MacBook Pro!


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I've just been toying with the idea of buying exactly that. I'm a lifelong Apple user so I don't need to be won over anymore, but I still use a pc laptop, for £300 a pop I can use, abuse and disgard every year.

I've been looking at an external amp and speakers to go with the new purchase which would be great with the PS3 also, the amp is called a Russ Andrews Rave1.

The Slug

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Well this is my first mac, soo easy to use and navigate round it's a breeze. I remember my old school having one and it was far more advance than any PC at the time and it's still true to this day...loving it!

The Slug

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Now there's an idea...altho I would need to see the road infront haha

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