I'm test-driving an '07 plate Sportback 140 TDi the weekend and was wondering....


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Could you refresh me on the common probs that I should be looking out for ?

...and also, this car has 69k on the clock. When I spoke to the bloke at the garage he advised me that the timing belt hasn't been changed as it's only due at either 80k or 4 years, whichever comes first.

Now, I've had this issue with the TT, where going by the book (at the time) you didn't need a cambelt changed until 120k.....however, on the TT sites I was stalking at the time, it had come up many times about people SHOULD be changing the belt at 60k. A couple of years later, Audi then decided to change the miles to 80k in the books!

So what's your opinions on the belt as well please ?

Thanks in advance, and apologies if these are recurring questions but I swear I done a search first:whistle2:


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cant really advise on that mate, in speculation 80k or 4 years sounds reasonable, call your stealers and find out