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I'm in touch with Audi - who else is seeing warning lights?

auzzam_crd Nov 13, 2020

  1. auzzam_crd

    auzzam_crd Member

    Hi guys,

    New to the forum, hopefully some of you have seen my YouTube channel where I've been reviewing my edition1 tfsi.

    We have been battling with Audi recently to prove that these cars should of had electric seats.

    I just completed 1000 miles in my car and have seen over 5/6 warning lights. (In the dislikes section of my review)

    Parking sensor malfunction
    Parking assist malfunction
    Engine malfunction - contact workshop
    Electrical malfunction - contact workshop

    I'm shocked to find many new owners are facing exactly the same issues, with some having even handed the keys back to Audi.

    Can we all please list here what codes you are seeing so I can build up our evidence and get these cars looked at!

    The last I spoke to Audi, they said they needed to see the warning lights there when I took the car in ... A bit hard when they flash up for 5 seconds at a time.

    Here's my latest video which shows the current battle with the seats. It's been picked up by them so please keep spreading the good word.

    The next one will be focused around getting an answer for all of these random lights on our brand new (not exactly cheap cars)

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  3. auzzam_crd

    auzzam_crd Member

    For those of you who have seen the random warning light messages and been frozen out of the MMI system, there is an update in the latest video later today:

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