I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dec 28, 2011
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Well after a while away I'm back on the forum and I'm back driving again.

Last year was a rough year. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I had to have a couple of operations to remove it. Hence the DVLA revolving my licence and holding it to ransom for so long.

I'm pleased to say that I've had the all clear and I now have my driving licence and car back.

I'm sorry for not getting back to those who have contacted me for a scan or for help I've just had a lot going on.

Now that I'm back driving I just thought I would say hello, and also looking for some advice

My car has been standing still off the road while I've been ill so I have been giving her some TLC. I'm in the middle of detailing her and Today's task was to clean the Cab roof. I've used auto glym and washed it twice and also scrubbed it twice again with 303 cleaner. I've used 303 cleaner before and been impressed with it. The roof has been scrubbed 4 times and it's still not come up clean. There is still patches of green algy on the fabric so I'm looking for suggestions of a good cleaner that will remove the green algy patches.

I know there's been a few threads in the past I've even commented on them I'm just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions of products they have tyres to remove these green patches. Once the roof is finally clean I can go ahead and protect it again

Cheers and I look forward to getting back into the fold lol
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Hey, welcome back!

That sounds like some rough times you've had there. Great to know you're all mended now.
Welcome back!

Great to see you got through it and can now enjoy driving your cab just in time for the summer.

A useful forum for finding detailing products is over on detailingworld they have some great product reviews.
Welcome back. I am glad to hear you back all mended and raring to get back in the car. Look forward to seeing you around the forum and when you feel up to it, please join us in some of the local meets, we would all love to see you. :) x
Hi and welcome back we chatted a while back about puddle lights, glad you can drive again and I wish you all the best,maybe Google it, I did mine with auto glym,was a bit of a pain to remove the protector that got on the paintwork lol mike
Welcome back, glad you've bounced back!

I've used autoglym before but am intending to use the 303 cleaner/protector next time, there are some small patches of slight green colouring on my roof too, so I'd be interested to know of an update, perhaps a specific algae remover?
Welcome back mate and hope you are well.

There was a decent thread all about good hood cleaning products a week or so ago. I can't remember if it was on the B6 or B7 page but it mentioned a few different products.

Glad your well and back on the forum. May I reccomend trying meguiars cabriolet cleaner it was good on my bmw. Maybe dilute it a little into a bucket and place a towel in it. Put the towel on the roof and it will allow the product to work better by preveting it drying too quick thats what I would do! Then a medium bristle brush and agitate before rinsing and protecting with meguiars waterproofer. And if you get it soon nip to halfords (I know halfords is poop) but its in 2 for 1

Hope this helps