Illuminated Audi Rings


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Please don't.......... :puke2:



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I have seen them on a passing car looked good but I would not put them on my car.


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Mate don't be swayed by what other people think. If you like it and think it looks cool then you go ahead. Each to their own.
I'm very much in agreement. My work mates constantly rip me for doing things to my car as they aren't into modding. But I do it anyway cos I want my car to be individual.
Go for it

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Neil Wilkinson

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To be fair it’s £60 or thereabouts so that’s a lot of beer tokens! Maybe I’ll pass, I’m not into modding but saw them on a car at work an thought they looked cool. Maybe one day, maybe not


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I think if its a subtle light where you can only just notice it could be quite cool.

When its brighter than the sun then its a bit shouty for me.

The laquer is coming off of my carbon effect rings so who knows!


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Pretty sure having a red light on the front of your car is illegal.