ifo needed on fault codes please


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hi all, right iv recently been investigating a missfire/poor running of my a3 1.8TQS (AJQ 180bhp engine) not been able to find any codes that point to a the misfire problem but a few codes that poped up on vagcom have left me baffled, if someone could take a look and give me any tips tricks or fixes for the following i would be greatful, i must also point out that these didnt show up on the first scan but when the car was scanned around 10 minutes later they showed up, the guy deleted these codes and they were no longer present, but i would just like to know if anyone has any ideas on why these codes would make them selfs present.01176-key07-10 signal low-intermittant01134-Alarm horn (H12)49-00-no communicationalong with these an air con fault poped up, again being as its winter im not really worried about that, no faults came up once he deleted the codes on the final scan but then thats not to say they are not back now, (some 2 hours later of driving). with "information is key" and all that id be greatfull if someone could give abit more info into these codes as if they are still there when i go back in a few days time ill have a heads up to them,also on the "live data screen" (black graph with the yellow,red,green and white lines) can any one tell me what the white line shows? as this looked all over the place in comparison to the other lines. the guy who i took it too who has vagcom deals mostly in vw t4 conversions and jetta's golfs and most things vw, any info you can supply would be awsome! cheers