If enough interest, Thinking of breaking my A4 Avant TDI Sport ...


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Hi again guys,

Firstly, If this is not allowed here then please advise!

I am contemplating breaking my 2002 A4 Avant TDI Sport 130 (remapped to "apparently" 190bhp) but I would like to know if there would be enough interest as I am looking to fill a kitty for a 2.5 I have pre-bought (with all the bells and whistles!).

I can deliver parts as I also have a transport company but I am not cheap! ;-) Special deal for group buy maybe?

I have the following:

1 - Full (Cloth) Sport Interior incl. Door cards and dash
2 - Clocks (with fully working LCD panel)
3 - Induction kit
4 - Longlife Exhaust & Dummy Cat with receipt for guarantee purposes)
6 - Front Lights
7 - Rear left light (right is slightly broken)
8 - Front Bumper
9 - Rear Bumper
10 - Bonnet
11 - Boot
12 - Door Lowers (without blades)
13 - Door Uppers (Incl. mechanism, window and frame)
14 - Calipers
15 - 19" Alloy Wheels (Mania Racing Savoy Platinum - £785 new)
16 - Set of coil overs (don't know the make and 1 shock is shot!)
17 - Retractable Parcel shelf and Dog Net
*18 - Gearbox
*19 - Engine (238,000 miles but starts & runs perfect with no issues at all!)
*20 - Flywheel
* I will do the last 3 as a "pack" if necessary.
21 - ECU, Locks and Keys
22 - MAF

If there's anything else anyone would be interested in on the car then let me know and the price you would be willing to pay for any of the above or whatever you are in need of.

Here's a few photos for you to see if it tickles your fancy:

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P.S. All this would have to happen over the space of the next 2 weeks or I would have to sell it as a whole!



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How much are you wanting for it as a whole? Complete car.

And how much for the full interior seats & door cards


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Get some pics up mate :)


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I'll see if I can get some engine bay pics up as you will see the induction kit and dummy cat that way, If my friend lets me pop it on the ramp, I'll get some pics of the full exhaust system etc so you can all see.



A4 Avant 1.9TDI PD130
I'd be interested in Longlife + Dummy CAT and Induction Kit.

Could you send me pics?



A4 Avant 1.9TDI PD130
And those front wind deflectors!


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Hi guys,

Unfortunately she has sold (not for me as I now have $$$ to spend on another one and do it up as I would like!)

Thanks for the interest all the same!