If anybody in the Southampton area needs wheel allignment i reccomend.....


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The Wheel Alignment Centre

As I have had the subframe off my car multiple times in the last 12months I am a regular customer lol. Plus just been back as needed doing again after having my new clutch and gearbox fitted

I went first after having my AP suspension fitted and he did a great job of sorting my Geometry and dialing out pretty much all my negative camber (which was eating tyres)

Everytime I have been back since (as only had the front re adjusted) am usually in and out in 20mins and for a good price (few beer tokens if its a real quick setup).

Defo recommended by me if your in the area.



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I am getting my rear bushes and adjustable arms done this weekend so might pay them a visit. cheers.


Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!
Hes a really nice guy and his workshop is spotless with some very nice kit to do the alignment setup etc. Plus you also get a cup of coffee while you wait and look and some the awesome cars he has pics of that have been there previously.

He managed to get my cars camber almost spot on even though its lowered and I am not running adjustable tie arms so am not eating through rear tyres on the inner wall anymore :)