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IDoing / Joying headunits

Quattro_daily Aug 23, 2020

  1. Quattro_daily

    Quattro_daily Registered User

    I looked a little while ago ( about a year ago ) at getting one of these style head units into my Audi A4 b7 advant. I like the floating big style screens and the flexibility to be able to do quite a lot of stuff with them with app support etc etc.

    However as there a couple of years old
    Now is there still software support updates for these and are there any better ones that have been released since for the same sort of price range.

    I’m worried I’ll get one and the software will be old and laggy.

    Side note also thinking of maybe upgrading my speakers I don’t have boose sound just the normal speakers in the s-line can anyone recommend any like next step up don’t wanna go crazy.

    If anyone has pictures of these idoing / joying 10.1 or the 8 inch versions please post pictures would love to see !



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