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Idle revs high

Daniel-be Oct 13, 2018

  1. Daniel-be

    Daniel-be New Member

    I have noticed strange thing in my 2013 2.0 tdi 177 multitronic : from time to time when I stop on a traffic lights the idle revs are holding on about 1000 rpm, instead of 800 rpm. It is not a symptom of a dpf regeneration, after 5 to 10 sec revs are dropping down to a usual value. While this high idle ( with a foot on a brake and D on a gear selector) car wants to 'pull' like it was still creeping mode. After 5-10 sec revs are dropping and everything is back to normal - no pulling/creeping force while holding brake. What I also noticed is that while this happens - if you put gear selector from D to N it immediately goes back to usual revs and the creeping force is gone.

    Recently a new gearbox controller has been installed, could that be a reason, or I should search somewhere else? I was thinking about coolant temp sensor, I know that It could also give some strange idle revs.
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  3. Stokka

    Stokka Active Member

    one little thing to try Dan, when you do come to a complete stop, press the brake pedal a bit more into the floor. i've noticed i can enable the stop/start by doing this exact method, could be the same for your car

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