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idiot on road, need cheap upgrade on brakes for a basic A3

nvc Jun 1, 2010

  1. nvc

    nvc Registered User

    Hi there,

    last Wednessday I was on my way to an exam, when approaching a big roundabout about 500 yard away, there was a slow car in my lane. so I was following him about 5-10 car length behind. the twat suddenly brake very very hard . catch me out of blue. literally I checked my side mirror and looked back, the car was right in my nose.

    so I had to kick the brake to the floor mat. when I was still in shock, the twat gave me a V sign and drove away.

    my A3 is a 2006 basic 1.6, changed front tyres a couple month ago so plenty of grip, the ABS did not kick in. the brakes just not pwerful at all!

    ordered a new TT for delivery in Spetember, so not going to spend a lot on the A3.

    I am looking at replacing the OEM brake pads, will that make a big difference ?

    many thanks
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  3. V16

    V16 Registered User

    don't bother changing the brake, just be more careful. if you've got a brand new TT on the way then just drive like a snail until september!
  4. smudge_don

    smudge_don Registered User

    That 1st paragraph makes NO sense to me, oh well

    If you were 5-10 car lengths behind him (a lot of variation with the distance there) then you have plenty of time for braking
  5. Harrelson

    Harrelson Registered User

    Economy is tough and a lot of people are trying to scam insurance companies (whiplash) by brake testing people at roundabouts.

    The other day i was crawling along in 2nd gear tinkering with my rnse and i noticed the lady infront of me (normal distance where i can see her rear wheels) kept checking me out on her rear view mirror and all of a sudden she slammed on her brakes for no apparent reason! Too bad for her my instincts were already on alert but she sped away in a big plume of diesel smoke. I felt angry that someone would try that on me and almost called the police
  6. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Registered User

    You have not really told us very much, tbh, 5-10 car lengths is quite a gap, you never said how fast, we need to know how old car is, when were the discs, pads last changed etc. quite a lot of variables, would not worry about it tbh, you never hit him so you were far enough back, and maybe to far back hence the bloke behind you was too close, people tend to do that when you sit to far back.

    Would not worry about it
  7. navnayyar

    navnayyar Registered User

    i have a complete set brake discs, pads, calipers etc, from my 2.0tdi, fronts are 288mm, PM if your interested.
  8. chris1988brown

    chris1988brown Registered User

    By my a3 2.0 s-line brakes full kit everythin needed 312mm discs £100 n u organise a courier u'll b lookin at alot more than that for upgrade discs n pads for ur current set up
  9. nvc

    nvc Registered User

    hi there, have to admit I was driving fast , rushing to an exam, it was a straight dual carriageway with central barrier , very light traffic at 2pm. I was doing 80ish, and slowed down to 60ish following the car. so 5-10 car length wasn't much.

    to Brett Butler :

    my A3 is 06 Reg, just passed audi MOT , with 22k on the clock, so the brake pad should be ok,
    when I hit the brake, my car was just one car length back from his. and his V sign clearly showed he was doing it deliberately.

    to navnayyar :

    thanks for that , I guess it is might be too big a job to change the whole set. I am just trying to find out if

    upgrading just the Brakepads make any difference , to eg EBC green stuff
  10. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Registered User

    Would not worry about it, lesson learn't, no harm done.
  11. PTTM

    PTTM Pedal to the Metal!!!

    No it hardly makes any difference. I cant tell the difference between my original OEM brake pads and the Green stuff pads I have now. Just hang on till september chap!

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