IBIS/Mud flaps.


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As im about to take ownership of a B/E Sportback in Ibis white, and also knowing the roads i'll be drivin on, was just wondering if anyone had one with Mud Flaps and whether they do owt, or look wrong... pics would be good.

Thanks in advance.


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The OEM Audi ones look ok, I took mine off as I fitted S3 skirts so have them so have a set here

But my car not Ibis


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Here is a pic of my on. Sorry for the pic not been very good, but i think they look good and it protects it from small stones ect...



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They won't fit as the mudflaps changed slightly for the facelift cars due to the rear bumper...

We have them on our MY10 s-line and they look ok. Protect the paintwork... They are £50 a set with VAT.