I wonder how much this is worth?

Or is the old biddy running on fake plates!!!


Defo worth the wait :)
Not too sure if its real or not, one would presume its H1, however when I checked that plate, it was registered to a Honda Civic.
The My Car Check app cam up with this.

Which tallies with the car. It was an old lady driving it.


Defo worth the wait :)
I would say its a pretty good investment to be honest, plus its not one of those items that is likely to get stolen.
This has got to be around quarter of a mill


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I remember seeing a plate like B2 on a battered old rusty transit parked outside a realy rough rundown house. I kept thinking if they sold the plate and they would be sorted!


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A couple of sites have H6 & H8 listed for £175,000 - I can only presume H1 is double that, if not more. o_O