I want the RS5 Grill on S5


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Hi guys. I have damaged front, need to be repaired, I want to install RS5 style grill on my S5 2018. I find out original RS5 grill ( link bellow) , but i think it not fit, as it is original OEM only for RS5 bumper?, those RS style you have installed, I suppose is aftermarket China Edition ? pls correct I'm wrong. Adding some pictures, situation now and planed. Color is Florett Silver. 12097995.jpg 20201230_230850.jpg



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Literally had an RS grill fitted today, looks mint No modifications required. Got mine from a chap on Instagram "Fresh_Modz_UK" looks fantastic

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Hey man do you have the insta page you brought the grill from? Cannot seem to find them


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His Instagram is freshmodsuk but last time I talked to him he was no longer selling the RS5 grilles due to ongoing supply issues.

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