I want an impreza, any assistance please :D


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Hi All,

I'm not selling my audi dont worry but in the new year i want to buy an impreza of some sort just to enjoy from time to time and work on here and there. A lil project if you like.

Just wondered what versions arent gonna rape me on insurance? i know the WRX and the WRX STI are the best ones but they are mad on insurance (3k) i just want something with that grumble and a nice bit of poke for some AWD fun.

i dunno if its worth just insuring it when i drive it not sure.

They want 3k for the year on a WRX STI 95 for me at the moment (im 23 driving since 18. almost 1 years no claims)

any recommendations? :think:


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So basically your going to pay more then what the cars probably worth on insurance just to try it from time to time and as your 'little' project? If you was 18 and had just pass your test I would let you off for being abit silly and naive but your 23 dude..don't throw money away like that on a 95 impreza. Save your 3k and 2-3k on the car and you have 5-6k. Save up for another year and have 10k and maybe you will get cheaper insurance and maybe a nicer impreza for that matter. Good luck! :icon_thumright:

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Any cheap Impreza will be half dead.
So your looking to spend about £4k and that would probably get you bug eye. the least loved of them all, ANY of the powerful ones are off limits insurance wise, not IF but WHEN you mod it.... forget insurance, !
As said, i would leave it for a couple of years. Get your insurance NCB sorted then look again, But they eat gearbox's so be ready with the spanners.
If you insist on it though... concider limited mileage


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At your age and with quotes like that I wouldn't bother for a moment. They are a specialist car that requires money to be spent on them to keep them in good health. Friends old P1 hammered through £15k in repairs and servicing costs and his was only 4 years old when he sold it on and he was upset as when rolling he was still slower than my old Ford Escort :racer:

Great car, great chassis and lots of fun but you need to be realistic


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Save your money mate. My brother used to have a Subaru WRX STI PPP 2004 (320BHP) and they are absolutely awesome fun but for a young lad with "almost 1 years no claims" such as yourelf you'll end up spending every penny you own on the car and wishing you never bothered in the first place. wait till your 27 and have a few more years no claims then you won't get hammered by the insurance.


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Unplug coil 1 on the 1.8T.

Job done.


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Why is it that when a car is running like shat we all say " sounds like a scooby " But its a noise most of us like.
If your car sounds rough it sounds " like a scooby"
If your car is well built..."just like a golf "


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I had an 05 impress turbo before A4 and all I can say is don't bother. They are amazing fun but there is no such thing as cheap even for a weekend toy.

As for working on it yourself, good luck with that they are a nightmare even for mechanics.

If you absolutely insist them I'd suggest an RB5, it's a limited edition classic and there group 17 apposed to 19/20 for the WRX/STI.

Newer models are much cheaper than you think and abit cheaper to insure, put your lass or your mum as a named driver also to bring your quote down slightly.
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AWD models are UK spec so normally a group 17 for insurance. Age is a great aspect with scoobs. If your young look elsewhere as insurance companies will rape you big style, but if your 31+ should be able to get a great deal.

I have had both AWD wagon and an imported a WRX saloon. Imported cars normally have the larger TD05 turbo whereas the AWD's have a TD04, but there's nothing stopping you from upgrading of course. As for the noise, that flat 4 burble (the best bit of a scoob) you get that with un-equal headers and some of the newer versions have equal headers thus lost that lovely sound.

You can spend from £1,500 upwards for a good scoob and maybe even a little less if your really lucky, but if you want to go for any special edition's then you will pay a fair bit more for the privelage.
I want to go back to these and the only reason I sold my WRX was because of the price of fuel. Japanese imports need to be run on Super Unleaded and as that's like 5p a litre more than normal unleaded they get too expensive to run :banghead:


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lol welly.

well after reading this lot u guys have really put me off! i was aware of insurance but didnt realise they were so unreliable. ive had a few accident in the past hence the lack of no claims. Ill just crack on with what i have and get a new hobby lol :)

cheers lads


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There not unreliable!

They are a ****** good engine as long as you look after them. There not as forgiving as some engines, but I never had any probs with my 2 scoobs and I swap them both and was lucky with the swaps :)


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I had mine re-mapped by scooby clinic to only run on V-Power and that sh*t is really expensive, nice 2.0 tdi now though :)