I-tunes onto an SD card for the RNSE


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Morning all,

Have searched and not found anything concrete. Is there a program out there that alows you to convert the music you have on I-tunes so that the music can be put on the the SD card and played throught the RNSE?

I also came across some software a couple of weeks ago that somebody on here had/was developing to help the music interface with the rnse, I can't find this thread again??? and does it work??

Sorry if these are really basic and stupid questions!!



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Hi - my understanding is that the RNS-E should read MP3 without any problems. Maybe the issue is that your iTunes music is in AAC format perhaps ? It is possible to convert them to MP3 in iTunes although a lot of iTunes stuff is protected by DRM stopping you from converting to MP3. Quite interested in this as I will be having a RNS-E soon and will be wanting to do the same - however, most of my tracks are in MP3 format nowadays.


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PS - if they are in AAC and protected format I believe there is software out there to convert it to MP3.


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Tom just get all your tunes to mp3 if not already & then just add them to the card just like any folder, **** of piece, mine are all mp3 & foldered by artist, album track etc


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You can use iTunes to convert your tracks to MP3, then just highlight them and drag and drop to your card. I've arranged mine into album folders. Remember when browsing the card on RNSe you navigate backwards by pressing the return button. This last bit had me baffled for ages, I just could understand why the unit would only play the first album, then I pressed Return...