i-pod / i-phone connectivity


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Mar 27, 2010
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After asking on here ealry last week about 3.2 quattros, i went and put a deposit down on an '04 Plate in Lava (?) Grey. :D very excited to pick it up next week!!

I've tried the search and FAQs and had no luck, so i'm resorting to asking... sorry if its already been asked, but the search was returning stuff that didnt match my search...odd!

anyway (i'm excited and rambling), my question:

Is there a way to connect my i phone using the 3.2mm jack in the top of the iphone/ipod/other mp3s. The car already has a parrott bluetooth thingy and the six disc changer in the glove box, which i would really like to keep (as i'm really into my music and my i-phone doesnt hold it all!). is there a way to plug my iphone into some sort of auxillary input on the headunit via an adapter. I have a feeling the 6 disc changer/parrott is probably occupying the socket that I need?? i dont mind having a cable coming out of the glove box. Also dont mind the fact I will have to control via the mp3 player rather than head unit.

i already have a charging cable for my iphone, so wanted to avoid one of these FM transmitters that plugs into the charger and into the bottom of the i-pod. but if thats my only option, ill have to stop being a tight ar$e and also suffer the slight noise/interference

any help would be much apprecited. Sorry again that this is almost certainly a repeat question!