I need someone with VCDS and a C7 A6 AVANT to check their auto stop start channel 34 value for me if


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Hi as title suggests. Can anyone check their value on 09 cent elec, channel 34, if someone could please tell me their original vale it would be most appreciated.

I had a mapper tune my car and also asked him to enable a memory function on my auto stop start function, so the button remembered its last vale i.e.. activated or de-activated upon cycle of ignition. This guy altered my value to 0 and cannot remember the original value that it was. Ive now bought a vcds cable to code it back functioning, but need to know the original value. Can anyone help me? and just take a look on "09 central elec", then type in security access 20113, look up channel 34 in adaptation, then read the value. then let me know. As i want it working again, highly annoying.


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To confirm, is your value 48 after enabling the stop start memory?
I don’t know if it was different before the change.
Used the app instead.

I have read it may have a default value of 28, some say 20.

why did he put 0 in? Lol
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Module 09 > SA: 20113 > Adaptions > Read channel 34 >
You then have these options:

- subtract 4 from the value = stop/start off by default

- add 32 to the value = enable stop/start memory

- add 64 to the value = invert the light in the stop/start switch (light on when stop/start on rather than when off)

The above says add 32 for memory which would equate to my value being 16 at default.