i cant believe it....


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ill try to keep this as short as possible but i had this annoying problem with my car recently where it was very hesitant and gradual in accelerating and after every gear change, the car would jerk a little.. and when running at idle speeds, the engine was not constantly smooth at tick over, there were occassional jerks.
Anyway that engine packed up on me recently and i have just got it replaced and to my horror... im getting the same problem again!!

any ideas people?? as now im like.. :wtf:

recent work other than a replacement engine is complete service inc spark plugs, new cambelt kit inc tensioner, new water pump. new thermostat,new clutch, new water temp sensor, new abs sensors and a new MAF!


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Fuel pump or filter blocked?

what bits were swapped over from the other engine? Could be any of the many sensors or ancilliaries, MAF sensor maybe duff, was it genuine?

Try the IAT inlet air temp sensor too, clean it or renew it.


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Lambda maybe?

needs scanning with a diagnostic tool really to see what fault codes it throws back other than that we're only speculating


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When you got the engine replaced did you get a new throttle body or use the old one?? as i had a similar issue that went on for ages till i got a new throttle body then all was good.