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I bought a £200 bargain brick!

WheelsOrTits=Problems Mar 14, 2019

  1. WheelsOrTits=Problems

    WheelsOrTits=Problems New Member

    (To skip the back story, scroll to the stars ✌)

    Hi all. It took me a while to register, but I've been really impressed with your threads over the last year or two (my first Audi).

    I've hit a spell of bad luck... I had a beautiful A3, 90k, fash, not a scratch, knock, squeak or groan anywhere. Loved it! Unfortunately, whilst parked up, a Punto going flat out clipped my mirror. Cheeky **** I thought! However, following said Punto was a large police BMW 4x4. Instinct told me that if the Punto only just made it, then this is about to suck massive donkey ****, and I was correct. My beautiful 2.0fsi was subsequently written off as cat B, so to be crushed only.

    I needed to be on the road, so had to buy a stop gap. Please don't hate me, but the cheapest and cleanest I could find quick was a Mitsubishi Space Star (Ugh, yes, I know... Awaiting counselling).

    After a couple of weeks the police admitted responsibility and my insurance finally paid out. It was then that replaced my 2004 2.0fsi with a 2008 2.0tfsi, and man do I love her! (Aside from a few bits that need sorting, but that's in hand thanks to very helpful input on other threads by you fine people).

    Now, I've ordered a few upgrades and retrofits, one of which being a 2011 Exeo RNS-E (the one with the media button, but before the piano black surround) for the (seemingly) bargain price of £200.

    There was no mention in the advert of the (lack of) code and, alas, no code provided. I also don't have the donor VIN, so is this basically a paperweight? Or are any of you beauts able to find me a code if I pm you a picture of the label on the head unit? (And sort beers)

    I'm covered by paypal to return it, but these seem to still be going for more, so would really like to use and keep this rather than return it and pay lots more for one with a code.

    All help/advice gratefully received!

    Have a great one
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  3. ab1702

    ab1702 Active Member

    There’s websites you can use and you just use the serial number of the unit. Just type into google car radio codes.
  4. WheelsOrTits=Problems

    WheelsOrTits=Problems New Member

    Thanks ab1702. I did manage to do exactly that. Total ball ache, but got there in the end.

    What I haven't managed to do is code the stereo to the car. I've read well over probably 60 threads on this, but even the one for dummies doesn't suit the stereo. It won't turn off with the ignition, and I can hear the fan and CD going even when I switch it off at the stereo and lock the car. Strange. Annoyingly the VCDS won't talk to the navigation, so I've got to figure this out first.
  5. Fireblade69

    Fireblade69 New Member Team Scuba S-line owners group TDi Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group Audi TT DSG

    Back in the day (80's) you'd wrap a stereo in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for a week to reset it. :tearsofjoy:
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  6. WheelsOrTits=Problems

    WheelsOrTits=Problems New Member

    Or no code and you'd pull the stereo out and take it with you! Ha

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