hydro dipping interior trim


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i will hopefully be getting my s5 this weekend (b8 pre-facelift). it currently has those brushed aluminium trims which are pretty beaten up. the one round the gear stick in particular has a few dents and scrapes.

looked at the rs5 carbon trims but they cost the earth. i would prefer not to wrap as you can always tell.

has anyone hydrodipped them? i would probably be looking at some kind of matt carbon. just wondered if anyone knew rough costs?

also, what trims did you have originally as i think the dents etc would probably show through on mine and maybe the brushed pattern would as well?

hopefully someone has some experience with this


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You do realise this is the B9 forum?


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Better off posting in the right forum, as this has been out for ages too you'll be able to get some on ebay etc no issues