Hybrid billet turbo advise


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hi all I have spent hours searching old threads for info on turbos and so many contradict each other when it comes to A4 1.8T turbo options so I thought I would just ask my own question

My car is a 190 bex and my turbo is shagged
I have a friend who knows a guy with a turbo shop who can do me the following choices

Straight swap k03-073 which I believe is the k03s (many threads contradict each other again some say same thing some say different turbos) good for around 230hp max £350

A hybrid version of the same turbo which is good for around 250-260 £450

A billet wheeled version of the same turbo which is supposedly good for 300 I think my friend said £570

The choice for me was between the last 2 as I definitely want more power than a standard one so I was doing some research and the whole k04 thing popped up. I’ve always had a3/s3 befor so knew swapping a k03/k03s for a k04 was a lot of work for not much gain on its own, but from what I’ve read is a direct swap on my engine, is this true

The reason I ask is the guy does all the above options in a k04 for the same money so if true surely would be better to do the k04 and run the same desired power with less stress on the turbo.

What would you guys do in this situation
Any opinions would be greatfully appreciated


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So I went with the option of sending my current k03 073 to be made a hybrid with billet wheel it’s currently there now should have it back in a few days can’t wait.

The ko4 was gonna be too expensive as would of needed a new one reworked and came in at 1200

Have just been reading another thread about the mamba, I was considering this the other day but was put off by the Taiwan part, now reading that I’m kinda kicking myself a bit but oh well apparently mine will make nearly the same power anyway as has the ultra strong wheel


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Mamba, frankenturbo or k04-015. The 015 being the cheapest
I've also found a place in eastern europe that builds good competitors to these. Called Gr

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Agreed with Fanta,

Mamba offer excellent-ly priced hybrid units for our turbos completely plug and play. What's more is the quality is known to be as good as Garrett if not better!

A K04-015 wont offer much upgrade to your BEX k03-073 as its only ever so slightly smaller than the ko4 upgrade.

Let us know how your hybrid goes? Who are you getting it done by?

Personally my car has a sh*t k03 turbo (BFB engine code) and will purchase the mamba ko4 pro which is plug and play. Anything south of 3oobhp and i'll be happy. I drive a convertible so im not chasing speed with this one.

Sorry no one was there to advise sooner! Im not on here too much these days.

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