Hunting / erratic revs on deceleration


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Hi there, i have just purchased a 2007 a6 2.0 tdi. I have replaced the throttle body with a new one as it was bad. I have strange behavior with revs when i am slowing down and the revs get down to about the 1200rpm mark. The car kind of surges or hunts till i come to a stop. Any ideas? Also the car idles at about 900rpm is that a bit high? Thanks in advance.


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Not sure on your chassis, but was there a diagnostic adaption required for the new throttle body?


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It is an a6 c6 4f2. Didn't do any adaption, just bolted on. I only have a elm327 obd2 adaptor. I guess I will take the car to a workshop to get them to check it out. Having just moved to the uk last week i don't know who can be trusted other than my brother inlaws mechanic, but that is 100 miles away. We are currently in Shrewsbury if anyone can recommend someone.