Hunter Wheel Alignment

Niz Patel

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Got my wheels aligned using the Hunter system because my car was pulling to the right when steering wheel was straight so I would have to keep the steering slightly to the left. Garage who did it has been doing it for years so I am confident he knew how to use it!

He showed me my values before making any adjustments and there were a couple out of range and in red. One was front camber and the other was rear camber, both on the nearside. He spent half a day on it on Saturday adjusting the 'sub-frame' on the front and did the rear camber too. He then showed me a printout and all the values were in green and within the manufacturers specification.

Been driving the car for a couple of days now and I have noticed it is now pulling to the left and the steering needs to be kept to the right!! So the complete opposite to what was happening before. All tyres have decent tread, the air pressures have been checked and 2 weeks ago I replaced front pads and discs.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be??


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Agree with @jetty as to the first question. I've had my car aligned a few times recently. Took 3 goes to get it right (2 of these were - different - Hunter 4 wheel alignment systems).