humming/pulsing noise coming from front passenger side

hollows wife

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sisters car 2012 a3 tdi ,has what i would have thought to be either a bearing noise or a bent /out of balance drive shaft noise ,if it was a quattro i would say it was the donut that was gone ,

its felt rather than heard at low speed like a pulsing through the footwell on the passenger side front .
swapped the drive shaft complete even the inboard joint, still same ,no movement int he front bearing with the shaft removed ,
the pulsing goes at around 30 mph but then re appears at around 60mph . but then goes at around 75 mph .

getting annoying even though its not my car . thinking of swapping out the bearings but @ £120 + if its wrong and no different then its a guessing game .

just wondered if any other members have had the same symptoms and found a fix.