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Humming noise . Please help

Steve s Jul 31, 2020

  1. Steve s

    Steve s New Member

    Hi all again . Right my a4 b7 estate is making a humming noise when driving from the front sounds like drivers side. Only happens when going past 30mph and gets louder and when slowing down but stops after 30mph to 0 . I am thinking wheel bearing . But after looking online it also say could be wheel unbalanced. Had a new set fitted march time ish full set . Before I go to a garage for a quote . Was hoping for some advice. I have Jacked up car and wobbled the wheel no movement what so ever solid . I did this to all 4 . . Fix one problem and the next shows itself ****** car lol
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  3. Sidrick

    Sidrick Well-Known Member

    Can't say without seeing it, but wheel bearings are fairly common on these.

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