HTC Desire HD and HTC Incredible S sense 3


I want your faulty electronics
Any HTC users out there got this update?
Just been told by HTC but nothing yet :(


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Ive got the Incredible S and I've just hooked mine up to the net after seeing this thread and it's found the update and it's all updated now. So far as I can tell, the only thing that's different is the way it unlocks and the locked screen. You can choose what you want on your locked screen and still keep up to date with things rather than having to unlock the screen, and go into whatever app it is. That all I've noticed anyway...


I want your faulty electronics
I got this update last night and there seems to be some big differences.

The ones I can tell are,
The Lock screen, home screen. well the hole sense side of it, if you got full animations on.
Email client is different.
The way texts are displayed is different.
Music player.
Notifications and quick settings.
Total Memory is now in quick settings.
Market app has changed.
and a couple more widgets.
Over all a nice little update.
I've noticed a couple of performance issues and the odd crash but I got a feeling thats down to some dodgy home screen apps. I've now removed them and i'll see how it gets on.

I wonder is there will be any more updates for the DHD.