H's project thread...


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Alright all... So my first ever Audi...!

I'll post up some pictures etc for you all once I get some better ones...

So first thing was to sort out the drivers side headlight. Classic 'fog', needed a good polish so did that along with applying a light coat of AG super resin as it has UV protection chemicals in it.

Next on the list... Well, I'll post the list up...

- Get rid of Crankcase breather filters and replace with oil catch can (all parts purchased today via ebay)

- replace bonnet strut

- find and buy another 17 inch 'sport' spec alloy wheel as one of mine is buckled :(

- 2x new front tyres (Hankook, Friday)

- get rid of Ram-Air foam cone filter and replace with OEM housing and filter

- get the remap fixed as it's a bit all over the place in terms of power delivery, auto transmission seems to be having difficulty with the power delivery also, not knowing what gear it wants. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm after good low down torque as she'll mainly be a motorway car

- get dent on passenger's side sorted.

Pics below...





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So first few bits for the A3, involving doing the Catch can installation, replacing a buckled rim, and installing the OEM air filter housing & filter... I'll let my ebay purchase pics do the talking lol...
(also ordered an armrest cubby hole for my other car, a 2002 Honda civic 1.4...hence the ebay purchase)





The rim has been tested by the seller on a balancing machine and its straight thankfully!

Also replaced the headlight bulbs with osram nightbreakers, and got rid of the LED High beams... Although I've kept the LED sidelight bulbs as they're effective, however the LED High beams weren't to my taste. The previous owner fitted them a short while ago and they're good quality so I may sell them.

Led bulbs :




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Difference between H7 LED high beam & Osram nightbreaker h7:

Point Blur_Jul102018_215218.jpg

Led side lights

Point Blur_Jul102018_215745.jpg

Osram nightbreaker dipped beams

Point Blur_Jul102018_215418.jpg

Osram nightbreaker main/high beams

Point Blur_Jul102018_220040.jpg

... Very happy with all this...!

Also, first bit for the Catch can installation arrived...


... I don't hang around lol.


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More goodies awaited me when I got home from work tonight... Non damaged rim, aerial booster adapter, and the rest is all PCV catch tank related...



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Fitted the aerial booster... I can get radio but not most stations, just BBC and classic as they're strong... Gonna have to find a way to use Fakra... Hmmm.


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More new bits today...

New air filter

PCV valve

Baffled Oil catch can (I may add a stainless steel scourer to make it more effective)

Just awaiting the air filter housing now!

Tomorrow will be getting the wheels sorted, as well as installing the oil catch can first thing Saturday morning (engine will be cold).

Will update and post pics...


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So today... The rim is buckled so will be going back to the seller...
Better news though, the air filter housing came this afternoon so I promptly installed it and removed the RamAir item (will be selling of anyone wants it, is in good nick), and new bonnet strut from TPS.



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So today, the Catch can installation...

I'll just post the pics, they'll do the talking... I did have to modify the plastic engine covers slightly but it's fine, dremmel is a great tool...!

Also, bought what I thought was a cheap pcv valve off ebay... It turned up, had exactly it same part numbers etc on it as the vag original but the company logos had been sanded away... Same weight and everything!

Car drives fine, happy with the result, no more headaches due to oil and fuel fumes!














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So having driven my motor for a few days and a lot of miles, it actually feels better and up on power compared to when it had the cone filter on. There's more low down torque, the flat spot between 2500-3000 has all but disappeared, and the throttle response is more predictable. I guess it is getting colder air too from the factory air box snorkel rather than warm air from the engine bay.

Either way, it seems much better and power delivery is linear now.

Left to do:

Non buckled rims
Boot struts
4300k hid kit (oem colour, no stupidly blue nonsense)
Rolling road session.


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Nicely done. I would upgrade the dog bone mount to a red Powerflex one and a supersize tip and it will be a great machine.


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Nicely done. I would upgrade the dog bone mount to a red Powerflex one and a supersize tip and it will be a great machine.

Definitely will consider that bud, in regard to rhe TIP, is it something I can do myself or get someone else to do it? I've also got a K04 turbo that needs refurbishment, so in two minds whether to get that refurbished and fit it as well as associated intake pipes etc which have also been given to me, or to sell it as is requiring refurbishment.

I'm after lowdown and mid range power, and I know my K03s will need refurbishment in a few months time.

Any views...? (from anyone lol)


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So it's been 5 weeks exactly since I fitted the Oil Catch Can, checked it today & it contained what I can only describe as oily watery crap...


... So it's definitely having a positive effect...! I dropped a scourer in there too as it helps trap the oil & crap. Quite pleased.

Also, speaking to Bill at Badger5, awaiting my roster so I can book in with him for oversize TIP & sort out my tune.

Will update thread soon with other bits...