HPFP CP4 R93 Bolt on upgrade 3.0tdi


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I know the cp4 isn't the choice of pump because of reliability issues but I have found a pump that is almost a direct bolt on.
I stayed with the cp4 route because I wanted to keep it simple as support here in Australia for upgrading these cars is dismal.

I have installed the pump and done a few thousand kms on a stage 1 tune and its all working fine with no programming.
These pumps are ment to be good for 600hp on the Cummins so should be more than enough for me when I put a hybrid on.

It's a CR/CP4S2/R93/40-S
Bosch PN 0445010648

It is off a 2015-2017 Nissan Titan with a 5L Cummins is the USA
I picked it up new for $600usd and apparently they updated this pump that so it is less prone to failure by putting a special coating in the cam and pistons.

To install it I had to do the following:

-Use one of the heads off the old cp4 on the new cp4 as the outlet faces a diffent direction and you can't just rotate the head that's on there.
-tap 1 of the holes out as the new pump doesn't have threads in it. Also had to drill the mounting bracket on the engine as the bolt was bigger diamiter. The other 2 hole I didn't tap but used a lock nut and bolt as you can get to it easily.
-swap the ribbed pully from the old pump
-I swapped the metering valve from the old pump aswell as the plug is different on the new one. Also the metering valve faces the other way so it's a bit tight to get the plug on and off once it's installed.
- I wasn't sure if pump timing on the V6 matters but just in case I marked the belt and gears before I took the old one off.


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Nice find!! Have you made logs after the install?

I made a log after the install but unfortunately not before. Because I didn't intend on installing untill my water pump let go and did it at the same time. After install from 3000-4500rpm Approx 70mg/s, 1800bar fuel pressure The metering valve is sitting around 30% +/- 2% and fuel pressure regulator is around 48% +/- 2% I hope that's useful


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By swapping the metering unit you'll have the same fuel as the stock pump ;)
To get the best out of this pump you need to use the metering unit that came with the pump and then map the pump in, otherwise its a waste of effort.
Oh Wow that's one I did not expect thanks for the advice, so the metering valve will restrict the capacity because it doesn't flow enough? No wonder why I was surprised that ecu was controlling the fuel pressure still without complaining.
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