Howdy all....


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Been scooting around the website for a while now but figured i'd finally get myself on here.

Looking forward to contributing where i can :salute:

Ash B

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hi welcome to the form :thumbsup:
How you finding the form?
If you dont mind me asking what car do you have?



Defo worth the wait :)
Welcome to the site mate.

What car have you got, and are you anything to do with Awesome, the VW guys???


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Hey , yes Andy is the not so quiet one from Awesome
He has a Skoda Fabia vRS in Diamond Silver , that has been remapped too
Quite a few different parts fitted too

I have suggested that we have a section on our web site , so you can see the staff , and their cars with lists of the modifications that have been done to it

You cannot work here I am afraid and have a standard car :(


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Andy... Mr Chow's mate?

Welcome to the site...




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Only just had a look back here :)

Yes i've worked here at Awesome for over 3 1/2 years but only just starting coming on here!!

As Sarah said i dont drive an Audi but have gone through one of each other VAG motors (an Ibiza Cupra 1.8T, My skoda fabia and a Corrado VR6 storm) so its only a matter of time before i get an audi i hope! lol

FactionOne... You have a pm reply :)


If in doubt, flat out.
Welcome, only just got here myself :D

Oh and a massive thanks to awesome for my Golf MKV smoked repeater lenses they suit it much better. Someone on eGay wanted £55 for the exact same product :no: