how to turn off limp mode

james thornley

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my a4 s line tdi went in to limp mode about a week ago pluged it in to diagnostics machine and come up with a p2002 code and a fault with the exhaust pressure sensor the check engine light was also on. so change the sensor and reset the codes thinking this would turn off limp mode but the car is still in limp mode the sensor fault has gone and the check engine light is off is it possible to get the car out of limp mode thanks for any help
Clear your fault codes using the same diagnostics machine you found the fault with.

If the fault has already been cleared or still persists, check the wiring to the sensor as this may be the issue


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The DPF pressure sensor needs to be calibrated/adapted using VCDS/Diag Tool.

You will probably have to force a DPF regeneration using the software in order to clear the limp mode, from experience of the same fault.


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Had the DPF sensor replaced on my 2.0tdi recently. Done under warranty and included a regen as part of the job. Didn't go into limp mode though but just had eml light on dash.....other than that it drove normally.

Must be a fairly common issue as there are lots of sensors for sale on EBay.


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My dfp light came on, I drove around for 2 days with it on, it must have got seriously blocked as 3 hours on the motorway in 4/5 gear 2.5k revs it wouldnt regen.

Life span of a dpf is around 100/120k miles, mine was way under 100k so needed a new one fitted. £800ish for a new dpf without fitting, plus the headache of regen it all the time.

I took my car to R Tech in leicster and had dpf removed and had stage 1 map along with pipercross panel filter, its a 170 2.0tdi, let me tell you know the car has completely transformed, power is unreal to what it was and now idles better without the dpf. Cost me £450 all in.