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How to test exhaust valves are working?

quattrorally Jan 30, 2020

  1. quattrorally

    quattrorally Registered User

    Anyone know how i can test my valves are opening/closing?

    it's a pre-facelift.
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  3. george forbes

    george forbes Registered User

    Start the car in comfort and only the two exhaust on the inside should be open. Then switch to dynamic and you should hear a slight “click” and the exhaust tone getting deeper as well as all four exhausts being open.

    This should be done in park since the valves will be closed until 3.000rpm even in Dynamic mode. Whereas in park in Dynamic mode the valves are open and closed in Comfort.
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  4. Flying Scotsman

    Flying Scotsman Registered User

    Start in park and move to drive and then pull back the the transmission lever to S mode. The two valves will now open and you can check this by putting your hand behind each of the four exhaust openings and you should feel air from all openings. Pull the transmission lever back again to enter D mode only two openings should now be operating. If not the valves have been coded open all the time.
    Dynamic affects the soundakator not the valves. S mode leaves the valves open at all RPM's

    Note: The parking brake must be set to do this or have another person to check the air flow from the exhaust pipes.
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  5. quattrorally

    quattrorally Registered User

    seems im getting air from all exhausts at all times.

    hard to tell though....

    shifting into S whilst in park does result in a louder sound but not sure if it's just because of the higher revs.

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  6. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    Do what flying Scotsman said and get a small rod and stick it up the exhaust pipes. there will be something in the way if the valves are closed.
  7. 123Quattro

    123Quattro Guest

    Not sure if it is the same on S3s as on RS3's, but on mine if. park next to a wall or in my garage, with the ignition on but the car not running if I switch between comfort and dynamic I can hear the valves open and close easily with the windows down or door open. Give it a try?

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