How to tell if wheels are reps or original Audi?


Sir Scouser Benitez
Hello all,

now i'm wondering i have a set of 19" RS6 wheels (spare ones) and on the inside they have stamped on them "Not O.E.M Reps".

Does this mean that they are orignals and not replica's?

thanks peeps *thumbs up*


Big Ron
"Not O.E.M Reps".

Isnt that a double negative? Meaning they are OEM, but not reps, or they are OEM reps...some sort of conundrum...:uhm:


Sir Scouser Benitez
yeah thats what i was thinking it could either mean:

1. These are not O.E.M, they are reps


2. There are O.E.M, Not Reps...

hmmmm confusing?

Someone surely can clear this up for me????


Big Ron
Carol Vorderman?



Sir Scouser Benitez

Ive already got Reps on my car - thing is there is nothing to say that all reps with have this stamp on them, so how the hell am i meant to know?

surely someone knows what to look for?......and no, Sadly, Carol you C-A-N-T help....hahahahahahaha


Registered User
The OEM wheels would most likely have the 4 rings on them somewhere, as well as an Audi part number (at least the OEM TT S-Line wheels I saw had those while the reps didn't).


Sir Scouser Benitez
Right ok, so at the weekend i'm going to get them out and give them a good cleaning.........and have a mooch.......Maybe if i go to audi looking at "buying" a set of O.E.M's and see what stamps they have on them.


Sir Scouser Benitez
Right ok, got some piccies of the rims, gave them a wash down....personally, if i was made to make a decision on them, i would prolly say they are genuine, cause they just seem to look slightly different than my reps. Heres the pics:



Any ideas?

I'm going to put them in the trade forum to see what people offer for them.


Valentino Rossi A.K.A The Doctor
They are defo replicas, that print reads "not original---there replicas", which are the same as my replicas i bought from wheelbase which have the same stamp. They told me this is stamped on for the benefit of insurance companies, although it looks like your car is standard its actually not and you should have paid a premium to wear them, just another way for them to shaft you. They may look different because of a different offset maybe? Are they the same? If they are ET45 the wheel will look far more flatter than ET35. Also there are 4 or 5 different manufacturers of these none oem rims, some better quality than others, i have to say the ones i got look exceptional but they do have an awful lot of wheelweights on but maybe this is the tyre causing this.:w00t:


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Is it "Not O.E.M. , replica?

a previously dirty comma revelaing the truth? Look like good copies to me.


Audi s3 8p 2009 st 2
Would anybody be able to comment if rims with the “not oem” stamp are of lower quality or potentially dangerous to drive with? The rims also have the jwl via stamp on them?


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