How to tell if 6 or 7 speed DSG from adverts?


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Jun 1, 2015
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Hi folks, when looking at ads for S3s I see cars described as on 67 plates but manufacturer year 2018 and first registered Feb 2018 or thereabouts

Will these have the 6 speed or 7 speed DSG? I know they are pre PPF just trying to find the combo of no PPF and later gearbox but this seems a narrow window. Is it even worth getting hung up on wanting the later gearbox?

There seems to be no easy way to tell as gearbox just listed as "DSG"

All facelift cars have the 7 speed box (late 2016 onwards). Only the pre-facelift cars have the 6 speed dsg.
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Thanks Joxh that is good to know. Maybe I was getting confused reading a US article. After some more googling it looks like they got the 7 speed later than we did
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Opf was required on cars registered after September 2018 in the uk. I managed to get mine august so was probably one of the last of the pre opf/gpf cars.