How to start up in vehicle diagnostics


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Hi Guys,

I wanna start up in the world of vehicle programming, tech etc.

I have so far invested in a VCDS but find it quite useless when it comes to other cars.

I wanted to know what tools you guys would recommended that covers a wide ranges of vehicles, give me advanced features like programming keys, applying new firmware for cars ect.

I want to be able to do a lot from it and not be restricted down to a set base of cars.

Plus guidance on how to get into the world of remapping.

I know people will say its not safe, but hey we all gotta start somewhere right ?

Its not like im a total noob ive done a few things with VCDS and am a computer technician by day.

I know computers and ECUS are different but surely there will be a few similarities between them as well.

Appreciate any input that may be given below.