how to remove the front grill on a mk2 TT?


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Hi does anyone have a guide to removing the front grill off a mk2 TT? i want to replace the Badge but it sems to be a pain in the @rse!
any help would be appreciated!! :o.k:


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Usually if you pull the badge towards you & then get a finger behind or angled tool (if the slats aren't to small to get a finger between) then you can push the expanding clips inward & the pressure from pulling towards the front usually pops them out, unless the fixing has changed some.


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without trying to hijack the thread, to remove the chrome front grill surround, is it like older/other audi models and simply a case of using a flat head screw driver to tease it out all the way around or what?

I fancy the all black look and am looking to have it sprayed by would appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance