How to remove and refit mirror caps on A6/S6 C7/C7.5


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I was struggling to find a how to guide for fitting and removing the mirror caps so I thought I would create one.

How to remove and refit mirror caps Audi A6 C7/C7.5

Tools required: T10 torque socket, something wide to remove mirror glass.
Time taken: 30 minutes for both sides

1. Remove the mirror glass. To do this push the mirror glass at the bottom as far in as it will go. Use something wide and flat and insert at the top of the glass and lever it out. I used a kitchen spatula.

2.The glass will have 2 wires attached to it for the heater element, remove these 2 wires and put glass some where safe.

3.Remove the 2 t10 bolts circled in the picture in red


4.You can now remove the mirror cap. It takes a good old tug to get it removed. Start at the bottom and lit it forward and up. The mirror cap will come off. Make sure the 2 t10 bolts have been removed!!!!

5.You need to unclip the cable for the indicator. You then need to remove the indicator by removing the 2xT10 bolts and refitting to the new mirror covers.



6.You are now ready to refit the mirrors. This is a fiddly task. Reconnect the indicator cable to the light module in the new mirror.

The tabs circled in blue in the pic, fit in front of the screw holes on the mirror motor.


These tabs must fit over the fixing points circled in red in the pic.


7.To get the mirror cap fitted you need to start with the lower part of the cap that is closest to the car, there is a tab the needs to be clipped onto the mirror housing. If you do not do this the screw holes will not line up. It is then a case of working round the mirror cap to clip the housing on and also to get the bottom piece clipped in as well. Brute force is needed!

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So helpful, thank you.

One thing to highlight is the step "The tabs circled in blue in the pic, fit in front of the screw holes on the mirror motor."

Get this wrong and it won't refit well and you could break the clips.


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