How to make suspension softer?


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I have a 2017 TT RS and I find the suspension too hard, especially given the condition of many of the UK roads.
The car has 19" wheels and the size of the front brake calipers means that I cannot try 18" wheels. The car does not have Mag Ride.

I've been looking at the parts lists and see that there are 7 different front springs, each in a different weight category, from 3 to 9. My current front springs are in weight category 7. It's similar for the rear springs.

I have been looking at fitting the springs, shock absorbers and rear ARB from a current model diesel TT. It's various springs follow the same weight categories as for the RS, but I am guessing that the spring rate is different.

Ignoring that this might be heresy as far as RS cars are concerned, does this sound reasonable?

Further to the above, could I choose a lower weight category and also achieve a ride height drop?

I haven't mentioned the front ARB as it seems to be the same size on all TTs.
On the RS the rear bar is 21.7mm diameter while on the diesel TT it's 19.6mm

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What about those gel cushion inserts you can get. It'd be a lot easier fitted. Plus if she piles into and out of the corners in good fashion then what more could you ask for. If you want to sell her too much then you might have to change it back or inform the new buyer and not everybody likes the suspension components being change from factory standard.