How to make mirrors go down when in reverse ?


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As you might have noticed, I already raided this thread.
Coding unit 52 is no problem.
But there is no possibility to activate the MMI menue for it.

Unit 46 has bits regarding mirror dip but none of them work.

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But there is no possibility to activate the MMI menue for it.

That's because there isn't an MMI menu for it (unless it's been completely hidden on both my cars that have had this feature).


Yeah, I'm not using the mirror until I get close to the curb anyway. It's only there for the fine tuning of the parking... Haha
+1... dipping mirror & front/rear camera is only for the last part of parking. Also find far easier to rear end in park - driving away quicker & safer.

I hate shopping centres with lots of people, so if my wife only has limited shopping to do [although still returns with half the store ;-)], I sit in the S4 and watch the myriad of variables in parking, including :-
* cannot physically look over their shoulder;
* no idea of distance or where the extremities of their vehicle are;
* absolutely no idea of what angle their front wheels are at (arguably #1 criteria);
* exterior mirrors of which over 50% of the reflection shows their own car, as against the ideology that ext mirrors should be set to continue a rearward panoramic view of where the interior mirror stops. One does not have to look over their shoulder to see if the next lane is clear to move into.

..............oh, then there are the SUV 'drivers' (shakes his head).