How to Install Valvetronic exhaust valve controller on 2nd Gen R8


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Just purchased a Valvetronic Designs exhaust valve controller for my 2nd gen facelift R8. I thought about the CETE version but I didn’t want to dig into the ECU on a almost $1/4 mil car lol. So I went with Valvetronic since it’s plug-n-play. There’s a video out there on how to install on the 1st gen R8 but nothing on the 2nd, so I made one! With the Valvetronic remote, it’s either valves open or valves closed! Hope this helps anybody else looking to install.

PS. Before anybody mentions the sport exhaust button, even with that in Dynamic or Performance modes, the exhaust valves still close between 3 and 5k rpms on the 2022 and up. I don’t believe the 20s or 21s have this issue.