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How to Install an Audi UTR dashcam

jrumball Sep 9, 2018

  1. jrumball

    jrumball Active Member etron Cosmos Blue

    I bought the Audi version of a dashcam as I wanted one that integrated with the car nicely and it seemed to have a reasonable specification. I bought it from the offer through the forum and it came with the correct loom for an A3 .

    I hope this helps with the UTR specific elements of a dashcam install.

    (I have an 2016 A3 8v FL e-tron)


    • Audi UTR Dual Channel camera kit (contents in PDF) 4G0.063.511.F
    • A3 specific wiring harness 4G0.063.511.K
    (pictures not mine)


    • Trim removal tools
    • 8mm,10mm sockets long extension bar
    • T25 screwdriver
    • tape Measure
    • Pliers
    • Audi stereo removal keys
    • Cloth tape
    • Snips
    • Pointy Tweezers (or a set of pin removal tools)
    • Electrical Tape
    • Cable Ties

    I think the job should take a couple of hours if you choose the easy cable route, there are a couple of points where a second person is very helpful, mostly to align the cameras and the anti glare stickers. It took me a lot longer as I started to follow the Audi instructions to the letter, and realised that this would involve dismantling half the car which i was not prepared to do. I also got stuck trying to repin the fuse box as I could not find any info for how to release one of the pins !

    Overall nothing is complicated it may just take a long time to remove some of the trim carefully, it is a moderately difficult job overall.


    I roughly followed the Audi instructions PDF . Audi specifies that you remove a large amount of trim to route the rear camera cable. I chose an easier route that still avoided all the airbags, interestingly this seems to be the route that was taken by the company that retrofitted my side assist !

    Audi Install PDF Link


    I choose to run the cable along the front of the headliner, down the A pilar where I picked up the power and ground, down along the door sills up the side of the rear bench and through into the boot where I followed the wiring harness up through the D Pillar then though the cable gland to the boot lid to the rear camera.

    The green line in the photos is the route

    There was enough length on all the cables to take this route.

    Cable Route.png

    I have an A3 8v FL e-tron so some things may differ....

    I won't go into massive detail in removing all the trim, most of it is self explanatory.



    1. Disconnect battery this will vary depending on model mine is in the boot under the floor.

    2. Remove front facing camera trim.

    Camera trim.jpg

    3. Remove sun visor and sun visor clip

    Sun visor 2.jpg Sun Visor.jpg

    4. Remove trim from the side of the dash, remove trim from the side of the dash below the A pillar trim.

    A pillar bottom trim.jpg

    5. Remove A pillar trim behind the airbag logo there is 1 T25 screw. The trim will then pull upwards and away from the dash. Be careful of the speaker cable.

    Air bag.jpg Cable Route.jpg Speaker.jpg

    6. Remove the bottom B pillar trim, it unclips at the bottom to get the seat belt trough.

    B pillar bottom 1.jpg B Pillar Bottom 2.jpg B pillar bottom 3.jpg

    7.Remove the bottom A pillar trim .

    Bottom A Pillar.jpg

    8.Unclip the bottom of the bench seat, and remove the plastic rivet holding the trim below the seat.

    Rear Seat.jpg

    9.remove the boot floor

    10. My car being an e-tron is very different in the boot as the traction battery is under the rear seats and the petrol tank moves to where the spare wheel would be . I had to remove sound insulation at this point to route the cable up through the D-pillar.

    Boot Floor.jpg

    11. Pry away but do not remove the D-pillar trim to assist with routing the cable.

    12. Pull out the cable gland that goes between the boot and boot lid.

    13 Remove the bottom boot lid trim, there are 2 T25 screws behind the emergency triangle.

    14. Remove the top boot trim .

    15. Install the anti glare stickers , this is covered in the PDF manual clearly. Be aware when printing the templates that the scale must print out equal to 10cm !!! Be sure to clean the window to help with the adhesion. It helps greatly to have someone help measure the centre and positions and eye up your positioning. Very lightly apply one corner of the sticker and you can readjust it if it is not perfectly straight. When you are happy with the position remove all the air from behind the sticker with a soft cloth.

    Mask Placement.jpg Mask.jpg Rear sticker.jpg Measure center rear.jpg

    16. Install the front camera base and the rear camera onto the antiglare stickers, again a second person helps to align the cameras.

    17.Create the wiring loom. connect both halfs together and wrap with cloth tape breaking off the power and ground at the appropriate points . I cable tied the foam to the first connector .


    18. Route the cable starting at the front camera tuck it into the headlining and follow the cable route, being careful not run in in front of the airbag, cable tie it too the existing loom, and run it down into the foot well, leave the red and green wires and ground here. run the rear camera cable along the sill securing it to the loom. up and under the bench seat, over the boot floor following the loom up through the D-pillar.

    19. The easiest way to get the cable through the cable gland is to tape it to a long blunt thin object i used my universal screwdriver, this can then be forced through the gland easily.

    Cable Gand 2.jpg Cable gland 1.jpg

    20. Run the cable along the top edge of the boot lid to the rear camera.

    Rear Camera Route.jpg

    (At this point there is a decision to make on wether to use the Audi loom as intended by repining the fusebox, this wasted nearly 3 hrs for me as I could not get the pins out ! Or you can use fuse taps and butcher the Audi loom. I chose to use the nice Audi loom )

    ...If you use to use fuse taps you can cut the y-chord and attach the fuse tap and route it through to the fusebox... and jump to step 28.

    21 Remove the glove box.

    21a. First remove the MIB 2 with the stereo keys. Remove all the plugs on the back. The large one hinges from the bottom and most of the smaller ones have a little clip to move so they will release. They are all colour coded and keyed so you don't need to worry about where they go.

    21.b Remove the 8x 8mm bolts holding the glovebox in place, you will need a long extension to get the one behind the MIB unit.

    Glove Box Bolts.jpg

    21.c Remove the glove box, ambient lighting , air bag lockout and glovebox position connectors.

    22. Make sure you have disconnected the battery ! There is a red clip at the bottom of the fuse box I believe this isolates it too. Unclip the fuse carrier, there are 3 clips. Pull the fuse box as far forward as it will go being careful of the loom.

    23. The Audi PDF suggests that you use position F34 or F35 for the green wire which is the switched live, and position F4 or F10 for the permanent live.

    Fuse Box.jpg

    I chose to use position F34 and F4 as the were easier to unpin .

    24. To unpin F34 or F35 first remove the fuse then purple locking bar. This gave me a lot of trouble at first I could only move it about 1mm, but i couldn't remove the pins. I removed it completely by prying with a screwdriver. This allowed me to remove the pin. Be careful again as I snapped a the tab trying to remove it a second time to take a picture ! I am not sure if this is the correct way to unlock the pins.... Then you will need to insert a thin mental object down both sides of the pin to free it, I used a pair of pointy tweezers whilst pulling the cable from behind.


    Purple.jpg Purple 3.jpg

    25. Unpin either F4 or F10. Remove the fuse .This has no locking bar and I just inserted the tweezers and pulled from behind.

    26. Assemble the y-chords as the instructions in the PDF with the pins you have just removed. Be careful to insert the pins you have removed into pin 1 on the connector housings and lock them into place by pushing in the grey tab.

    Pinned connectors.jpg Purple 2 Y chords.jpg

    27. Insert the Red and Green wires into the corresponding chambers and replace the purple locking bar. connect the y-chords together as in the PDF.

    28. Connect the ground lead to the grounding point down near the door sill. this is a 10mm nut.


    29. Clip the fuse box back into place Resemble glove box and replace the MIB unit, at this point you should be able to safely reconnect the battery and test that the system is working. My install did not work at this point as I had accidentally disconnected the power loom from the data loom in the roof lining.

    The car will light up like a Christmas tree, don't worry take the car for a short test drive to remove the fault codes.

    30. Reassemble everything.........


    The Audi specified positions have been chosen for a reason, the front camera seems bit lower than it could be but I think that is to stop it from obscuring the auto dimming mirror sensor and from confusing the auto defogger for the windscreen.

    It's hard to show from the drivers perspective....

    front 2.jpg Front 1.jpg Front 3.jpg
    The rear camera is as high as it can be on the window and seems to favour the radar sensor to be central.

    Rear Camera.jpg Rear camer 2.jpg rear 1.jpg

    The quality seems adequate, from my first impressions once i have done some driving I will post some footage. The app like most Audi apps is functional but could be a lot better .

    SD Cards

    I have bought both a SanDisk Ultra 64Gb card and a 128Gb card and have tested both and seem to have corruption of video I have emailed Audi technical support to find out what the official line is, and will post the response here....

    Reference Photos
    Fuse Box
    Fuse box 1.jpg

    MIB 2 Unit

    MIB 2 REF.jpg MIB REF 3.jpg MIB REF 2.jpg
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  3. DJAlix

    DJAlix VAG Car Coding Site Sponsor Team Ibis VAG Can Professional VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic System) It's my birthday

    Excellent write up but I truly have no idea why people go for this over priced and buggy bit of kit. Blackvue, Thinkware and Nextbase offerings are more cost effective, better supported and produce way better quality video.
    Kondax likes this.
  4. oli356

    oli356 Well-Known Member Team Sepang Audi S3 S tronic

    Not that I will ever be doing this myself, but looks like a good write up for someone who is looking to do it! Thanks :)
  5. jrumball

    jrumball Active Member etron Cosmos Blue

    Im sure there are probably other cameras that are better, but on a 42K car that I own I wanted the Audi bit of kit. I know I did the install myself but I should have no problems with warranty etc. It's also relative unobtrusive and I know it will work with all the assistance systems that my car has not interfere with the radar or front camera or rear radar etc. and that I was going to have no radio interference , or have to install any extra bits of kit to save the battery etc. It also looks good and will hopefully just work for my purposes.

    I honestly didn't really want one in the first place but the new house I have moved into is horrendous to pull out onto the road, its a 30 mph but most people treat it as 60 mph. This in conjunction with a security camera will cover my back if i have have an accident.
  6. MoJam

    MoJam New Member

    Nice write up. The dealer offered the utr with installation for £200. Would you say that is worth it? Or better to get a different kit for £200 if possible?
  7. jrumball

    jrumball Active Member etron Cosmos Blue

    £200 for Kit + install ? You would be hard pressed to buy a kit for that let alone pay dealer install prices !!!
    MoJam likes this.
  8. Mylee

    Mylee New Member Audi S3 Audi Cabriolet Owner Group

    Excellent write up, shame it doesn't work for the Cabriolet
  9. jrumball

    jrumball Active Member etron Cosmos Blue

    Should be able to use a single Chanel camera you can buy a version with just the front camera ...
  10. Falmouthboy

    Falmouthboy Active Member

    We had one installed by the dealer in our new RS3. Paid less than the advertised price (we paid £350) and in truth wish we hadn’t bothered and gone to a reputable installer for a good quality nextbase or other generic make. Wanted to be confident that it wouldn’t mess up our warranty and being Audi branded would be of a decent quality.

    It’s already failed and been replaced (without question) by the dealer. Won’t work with Sandisc cards actually designed for dash and security cameras (it only comes with a 8gb Card) and the app that drives it is a total disaster (look it up on the App Store!).

    I really can’t recommend it which is a pity - an opportunity missed by Audi.
  11. jrumball

    jrumball Active Member etron Cosmos Blue

    I am starting to have the same impressions ....

    I chose one for Similar reasons and installed it myself as I enjoy doing that kind of thing

    Mine hasn’t failed yet but I am finding the app to be less than average , much like most of Audi’s online experience. Though I will say it looks like they are trying to improve it at the moment.

    I have yet to get a SanDisk card to work too (Ultra 64gb or 128gb )and have had not had a reply from Audi technical support regarding what is compatible .

    The only thing that saves if for me at the moment is that it looks good in comparison to a lot of others .

    There is another Sub Forum on here dedicated to cameras in that someone mentions that the PC software from Thinkware works which maybe another way to look at the footage ....
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  13. Mylee

    Mylee New Member Audi S3 Audi Cabriolet Owner Group

    Its more to do with the DAB ariels running along the windscreen frame on the Cab. I installed the cam from my TT but instantly lost the DAB signal. Tried adding a ferrite ring to the power supplies, still no luck.
  14. jrumball

    jrumball Active Member etron Cosmos Blue

    What brand of camera was it there will be ways to replace the cables with shielded cable etc
  15. Mylee

    Mylee New Member Audi S3 Audi Cabriolet Owner Group

    Silent witness SW010
  16. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    I have fitted one of these myself and am very satisfied with it. Parking mode with radar works well and has a built in battery monitor as standard so the battery isn't discharged, thus shouldn't void your battery warranty as other posts I've seen have. To me it is a fit and forget item unless you need it. I have matrix lights so sits lower on the front screen but obviously looks OEM and will probably not be as nickable as the 'superior' brands.

    One thing that I'm unsure of is why folks go on about the size and comparability of SD cards. I have the standard one supplied but changed it for a smaller one. The last thing I want if/when the old bill pull you over is hours and hours of evidence to convict you with. As soon as it's overwritten the better and if needed of course you download to your phone!
  17. Robert997

    Robert997 New Member

    Great write-up. Must have taken almost as long as the install itself !
    Huge thanks :thumbs up:
    jrumball likes this.
  18. jrumball

    jrumball Active Member etron Cosmos Blue

    No worries for years I have lurked on places like this, its about time i gave something back, so I decided to document as much as possible all the things i do to this car.
  19. jrumball

    jrumball Active Member etron Cosmos Blue

    When you say sits lower what do you mean I have Matrix LED too, but also lane keeping and all the assistance stuff so I have the camera above too , where did yours end up ?

    The card is easy enough to dispose off or lose in the car if there is an "issue" If you leave the car unused or parked for a long period of time a larger card is an advantage.
  20. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    The template supplied has cut outs and due to the matrix lights sensor, the camera is further away, i.e. lower down the windscreen to avoid interference.

    If the car is left unattended for a long time, the camera is likely to shut down anyway due to battery drain. This is likely o be the case with any camera install so not specific to the UTR. No battery sensor equals flay battery. I left my car for 2 weeks with no problem at the airport. I never had cause to check the SD card as nothing appeared to happen.

  21. jrumball

    jrumball Active Member etron Cosmos Blue

    Wow that is low ! The camera for your Matrix LED is built into the cap for the mirror though isn't it ! I probably would move it a lot higher instead into the black hatch bit at the top

    I also have an e-tron which has a huge battery that keeps the 12v topped up =)
    pns2007 likes this.
  22. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    Just used the template and instructions. If it's wrong it wrong but from drivers position it doesn't bother me either.

    You have plenty of volts to play with then.

    I'm looking at the indicators next, like yours - all the best my friend

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